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Music video archive: Performances that are more than a few months old.
(Sorted by date & title)

Click the thumbnail image below to see videos of our older performances, or go to the band videos page to see our latest performances.

Rock and Roll and Dirty Deeds
March Madness/Bunco Night Bash (Pt. 1)

Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll cover, and Dirty Deeds by AC/DC too! [Click here]

Recorded 3/20/10

We enlisted Brian K. as a guest guitarist for this jam session in front of the biggest crowd of the year. We had never practiced together so it's a little rough at times. Still have a lead guitarist was pretty cool!

Malagueña & Rock n Roll Lullaby
March Madness/Bunco Night Bash (Pt. 2)

Malaguena and Rock n Roll Lullaby (our original) [Click here]

Recorded 3/20/10

A couple more songs from our March Madness jam session.

Smoke on the Water & Butterfly
March Madness/Bunco Night Bash (Pt. 3)

Smoke on the Water & DDR Butterfly [Click here]

Recorded 3/20/10

The big finish to our March Madness party set.

Rock and Roll and Malagueña
(Grandma Neta's birthday Pt. 1)

Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll cover, and Malaguena too! [Click here]

Recorded 3/6/10

Part 1 of our big 75th birthday concert for Grandma Neta. She would have been disappointed if her grandkids didn't have a performance planned for the big day!

Rock n Roll Lullaby, Butterfly, & Smoke on the Water
(Grandma Neta's birthday Pt. 2)

Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll cover, and Malaguena too! [Click here]

Recorded 3/6/10

Part 2 of our birthday gig for Grandma Neta. Features an updated version of our original (RRL) and what Adam says is our 'best version ever' of Smoke on the Water. (Kinda funny when he drops his drum stick near the end!)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

See our version of the AC/DC classic tune! [Click here]

Recorded 2/27/10

An improvement over the original one we posted. The ending is tighter (though not perfect) and we added a short keyboard solo. After trying to play the drums on this last night, I have a newfound respect for Adam's drumming ability. Don't forget he's only been playing about 4 months! Colin was 'feeling it' on this too. He adds some tasty pick scrapes.

Rock and Roll - the full band
By: Led Zeppelin

The full band performing Led Zeppelin's classic tune 'Rock and Roll' [Click here]

Recorded 2/27/10

This time the whole band got together to play this classic Led Zeppelin tune. This is (almost) exactly how Led Zeppelin would done this song- if they had a keyboard player...and a really bad singer. ;) Brendan improvised a pretty cool keyboard solo- check it out!


Watch the Malaguena video [Click here]

Recorded 2/16/10

Both Adam & Brendan learned this haunting melody during piano lessons (thanks, Michele!) so we decided to rock it out with this version.

Rock and Roll
By: Led Zeppelin

See an early jam of Led Zeppelin's classic tune 'Rock and Roll' [Click here]

Recorded 2/16/10

A VERY early version with just Colin & dad jamming. He's only worked on this song for about a week, but he's getting there. Next step is to teach the rest of the band!

Smoke on the Water
By: Deep Purple

A February, 2010 recording of Smoke on the Water- a Deep Purple classic! [Click here]

Recorded 2/16/10

A new version of this Deep Purple classic. The first one we've recorded since our Christmas gig. Featuring our 'real' temporary singer. Colin and Adam are having a blast on this one! Electrical!

Rock n Roll Lullaby (our 1st original!)

Watch the Rock n Roll Lullaby video [Click here]

Recorded 1/23/10

Colin and I wrote this one a couple of years ago. We'd go up to his room for bedtime stories and end up rocking instead. He thought we should name it Rock n Roll Lullaby. We recently added the lyrics.

Bluesy Bop

Watch the Bluesy Bop video [Click here]

Recorded 12/25/09

This tune was one of the first songs Colin learned when he started guitar lessons. Features a couple of little keyboard solos by Brendan.



Watch Butterfly from Dance Dance Revolution video [Click here]

Recorded 12/25/09

Brendan did an awesome job on keyboard with this cool song from Dance Dance Revolution. Definitely the toughest song to play on keys out of any in our set list.

Smoke on the Water
By: Deep Purple

Watch the Smoke on the Water video [Click here]

Recorded 12/25/09

We have to give props to our guest vocalist Jimmy K who gave it his all on this classic by Deep Purple. He's definitely not a singer, but gets an "A" for effort!

Theme from 'the office'

Watch the theme from 'the office' video [Click here]

Recorded 12/25/09

The theme from 'the office' is one of our favs, recorded on Christmas Day, 2009. A little faster than the real version on the show, but we like it that way!

Crazy Train
By: Ozzy Osbourne

Watch the theme from 'the office' video [Click here]

Recorded 12/23/09

This one was an impromptu jam session by the boys, and is definitely a work in progress but one we want to finish soon! This one will always be significant because it's the VERY FIRST footage ever recorded of the band!

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