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About the band

Band overview

If you've listened to our music or watched our videos, you know that we don't take ourselves too seriously. You've probably also noticed that we're unlike any other band. The average age of the band is 19 and if you take away the old geezer, the average age drops to about 11. We're just in this to have some fun.

The Shades of Gray band during our Christmas Day concert, 2009

Our music is pretty raw right now, but hopefully over the next few years we'll keep getting better. Considering the fact that our youngest member is eight years old, and we're all pretty new at this, time is on our side. We hope you'll check out our videos and download our songs to your iPod. If you listen or watch and laugh, smile, or just think, 'wow- that's pretty cool' then we've been successful in reaching our goal.

History of The Shades of Gray rock band

Musical foundation

The Shades of Gray band's origins date back to the summer of 2007 when Adam (drums) and Brendan (keyboard) started taking piano lessons. Brendan also joined the band program at school (clarinet) which enhanced his knowledge, skills, and appreciation for music.

Around the same time, Colin wanted to buy a drum set, but mom and dad said "No way!" In part because you can't turn the volume down on drums, and in part because we both knew that band practice is usually at the drummer's house- since the drum kit is hardest to move.

Santa Claus brought Colin a First Act electric guitar, and in June of 2008 Colin began guitar lessons.

Introducing our guest vocalist during "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple

The Shades of Gray band gets a bassist

During the early days of Colin's guitar lessons, I mentioned to Colin that I played bass while in junior high school. I said, 'maybe someday I'll get a bass so we can jam.' Well, 6 months later in the fall of '08, Colin had saved enough money to buy his own 'real' guitar, and said "hey dad, why don't you get a bass too?".

We came home from Guitar Center that day with a shiny new, torino red Fender Squier for Colin, and a red Ibanez bass and Acoustic bass amp for dad. The two of us had occasional impromptu jam sessions on and off over the next few months using our electronic keyboard as 'the drummer'.

A drummer joins the band

In the fall of 2009, Colin had saved enough money for the First Act Drum set on sale at Toys R Us. He really, REALLY wanted it! Somehow he convinced mom to approve the purchase. Dad insisted on checking at Guitar Center for an inexpensive drum kit- worried that the one at Toys R Us was just a toy.

After checking a few sets on sale, we came home with a 5-piece Sound Percussion set with upgraded Zildjian cymbals.

Colin buying the drums presented two problems if we were to ever form a band. Colin played guitar, so he obviously couldn't do both. Also, Adam & Brendan both played keyboard and we certainly didn't need two keyboard players!

This problem resolved itself one day in November of 2009. Brendan, Colin and dad were having an impromptu jam session in the basement. Adam heard and wanted to join. He sat down at the drum kit and began to play along. We found out he could REALLY PLAY! Don't know how or why, but the kid was a natural- and thus the band was formed!

The band gets a name

After we played together a few times, we started considering ourselves to be a 'real' band. So, we needed a name. One day while brainstorming for a name, someone blurted out, "how about 'Shades of Gray'"? It's some obscure song in one of the DDR games.

Everyone liked the name except Brendan- because he doesn't like the song. Since we were unable to come up with something better, we went with it. As we practiced we decided we'd entertain the family while we were hosting for the holidays on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2009. For those performances, we decided we'd go with "Shades of Gray" as our name. We later added "The" to make our name "The Shades of Gray" when we noticed there were a few other "Shades of Gray" bands already out there.  



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